Dan Gutman Author Quote

Sometimes we spend so much time and energy thinking about where we want to go that we don’t notice where we happen to be. –Dan Gutman Dan Gutman (born October 19, 1955) started out writing about video games and computers before finding his calling as a popular children’s book author. He’s best known for his […]

Yoga Profiles: Shakti Flow

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend Wanderlust Oahu (a yoga and music festival) for free, through work. Although I always try to take some new styles of yoga classes and/or practice with new teachers at events like this, my favorite class was one I went into knowing I would love: Shakti Flow. It […]

Yoga Playlist: January-March 2017

Great news! I’ve finally figured out how to embed my Spotify playlists here into my posts. This is the playlist I’ve been jamming out to on my mat since this new year:

What is the BEST Yoga Mat?

You might have read my post about why I do not like Lululemon’s yoga mats (even though like every other yoga person, I love their clothes). I felt extremely vindicated when Reviews.com published its list of the 9 best yoga mats out of 30 (which they were not provided with for free) and agreed that MY […]

A Yogi’s Place is in the Resistance

After the 2016 presidential election, I stopped using Instagram as frequently. Suddenly, pretty pictures of food and yoga asana just did not seem relevant to what was happening in my life and our country. Instead, I turned to Twitter (which is more text-heavy, and is where I have always turned for news in the past) […]

Lakshmi Lullabies by Noelani Love

I was so excited when I heard that Noelani was making an ukulele album of sacred songs, because I am always looking for great new yoga music, and this sounded perfect. Noelani writes, “We’re bridging the gap between ancient mantras and sweet modern music.  These powerful sound-healing songs are the medicine that the world needs […]

2016 in Review: Exercise

2015 in Review: Exercise, is here. Even though it was encouraging and useful for me these past three years, I think that 2016 is the last time (for now, at least) that I will be recording my exercise. While it’s cool to be able to have concrete numbers, proof of how much I exercised all year, I […]