What I Ate Wednesday: Astoria & New York

Peanut butter banana smoothie with bee pollen

In the Austin Texas Whole Foods, I discovered PB2, a powdered peanut butter that has 85% less fat than regular peanut butter. I am a huge nut-butter-lover, in all it’s fatty oily glory, but this is a good alternative for smoothies and oatmeal, since it keeps the calorie count down and is frankly just easier to add into the blender than regular, sticky peanut butter. Monday morning’s smoothie consisted of:

Estimated calories: 200. A few quick nutritional notes:

Bee pollen (I picked mine up this weekend at the Spa City Farmer’s Market) is a “complete food,” since it contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, and protein. As the guy at the market told us, if you could collect enough of it, you could survive solely on bee pollen. It’s also low on calories- 1 tsp. has only 15

Coconut palm sugar is super low on the glycemic index, is high in nutrients and has 16 vital amino acids.

Dr. Mercola Matcha Green tea

Once I arrived at work, I drank two cups of iced green tea that I’d made at home with organic match green tea powder, coconut palm sugar with stevia and lemon juice. It was a very groggy Monday morning for me, so this was necessary!

Estimated calories: 15

Pretzel Crisps mini package

Around 11:00 a.m. I was already hungry, so I had a small pack of Pretzel Crisps, leftover from when they came to our office – I also won three months of free Pretzel Crisps that week, so much more on that later! This pack is very tiny, only 14 grams (that’s half an ounce!) and 50 calories. It’s just enough to satisfy a snack craving.

Estimated calories: 50

Chipotle Salad WIAW

Lunch today was a salad from Chipotle. I usually don’t load up my salads there, but today I was pretty hungry so I had them add chicken, sautéed fajita veggies (bell peppers and onions), tomato salsa, cheese, black beans and guacamole. I don’t like their salad dressing, so I just use Tabasco’s Chipotle hot sauce, but today they were almost out! I had to use some of the green jalapeño sauce as well.

Estimated calories: 650

By the way, while we’re talking about Chipotle for lunch, can I just point out that you can order and pay online? Why do people not do this? Observe the line of suckers waiting to place their orders (yes, the line wraps around the place several times):

Line for lunch at Chipotle

Meanwhile, observe the line I had to wait in to pick up my (already paid for) salad:

Chipotle pickup counter

This gets me every time. It’s called the internet, people… it saves precious time. I didn’t even have to use a fax machine, despite that misleading sign they have up. Please, everyone, I implore you: if you know you’re going to pick up Chipotle during the lunch rush, just order online.

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Square

We all know from my previous posts that few days go by without dark chocolate, in my world. My afternoon snack was three squares of the super creamy and delicious Ghirardelli 86% dark chocolate.

Estimated calories: 85

Awesome pink sunset from Astoria park

Kiyo and met after work in Astoria Park, to watch a free movie outdoors. The sunset was even better than the one I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

Uproot wine at the park

I finished off the rest of the yummy Uproot Sauvignon Blanc (which I also wrote about yesterday) and Kiyo had a root beer.

Estimated calories: 200

Da Bomb from Sal, Kris & Charlie's Deli

I can’t believe I’m telling you guys this but for dinner we split a “Da Bomb” sandwich from nearby Sal, Kris & Charlie’s Deli; and yes, I ate my entire half. For less than $8 you can order this monster of a meal, a sandwich that includes every single topping- meats, cheeses, and vegetables. It also has mustard and mayo. Looking at this picture, I think I can count seven (seven!) different types of meat, alone. What can I say, I was starving and it was delicious. It wasn’t even that hard to eat and it didn’t fall apart, which I know is hard to believe. My only complaint is that the bread was the tiniest bit stale.

Estimated calories: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000

Wise Chips

We also shared two bags of chips and I know you’re thinking, how’d you fit all that into your stomach?! but these bags were much smaller than they look. But yes, you’re right, that was probably too much food. Shockingly, I really wasn’t uncomfortably stuffed. This wasn’t my proudest day in terms of being healthy, but it was fun and at least it was all real food (minus the chips), which is still a success.

Estimated calories: 200

Total Estimated Calories: 2,200

What did you eat today? 

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  1. jessielovestorun
    jessielovestorun says:

    I’ve never seen a more jam packed, color & delicious looking sandwich in my life. I dont think I’d even want to share… you’d probably have to roll me out of the restaurant 🙂

  2. Kaitlin
    Kaitlin says:

    Isn’t PB2 fun? It’s much easier to add to recipes! Also, that sandwich reminds me of this one in Santa Monica at Bay City Deli called “The Godmother” so darn good!


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