2016 Holiday Gift Guide

December has arrived! Time for my annual gift guide. I love making these! This year, I wanted to choose all conscientious companies/items. I also wanted to be able to get discounts for you guys, so I included those with each item 🙂 It’s a shorter list this year (6 ideas); if you like lots and […]

Boutique: Ginger13 Hawaii

This month, while my friend Zan and I were stumbling around downtown Honolulu, we discovered what immediately became my favorite store: Ginger13. I loved it so much, that I brought my other friend Danelle back this weekend. I had to make a short video so that you could see the glory for yourself: This little […]

What is it Really Like to be a Yoga Teacher in Hawaii?

I hope you guys enjoy my first real vlog! (For those who don’t know: a vlog is a blog in which the postings are primarily in video form.) This was a combination of WIAW (What I Ate) for you foodie readers, but also shows what I might do in a typical work day. What is […]

TBT: Spain, 2004

I’ve been clearing out everything that’s been stored for years at my mom’s house (she’s moving out to a smaller place) which is quite exhausting, irritating, frustrating, time-consuming, and lethargic. It’s not what I would call nourishing at all. Except, there are moments when I come across something wonderful and forgotten, that I’m glad to […]

Fabletics Store {Waikiki}

Recently I posted that International Marketplace was reopening. My boyfriend Kiyo and I decided to go check it out the weekend it opened. Although I was sad at first that the old Marketplace was being torn down, I am totally impressed by how nice the new one is. They did a really good job and […]

Mahina & Suns {Honolulu}

Mahina & Suns is a trendy new restaurant in Waikiki, aptly located within the equally trendy and new boutique hotel Surfjack (“Hotel & Swimclub”). The restaurant is by local celebrity chef Ed Kenney, who is renowned for focusing on local, organic ingredients, and reinventing classic dishes of Hawaii (many of which tend to be cultural […]

Sunnyside Pizza {Queens}

Whenever I am in NYC, I have to visit Queens. It’s my favorite borough, plus, I have amazing friends who live there. When I was leaving from a quick visit this May, I decided to get a slice of New York pizza on my way to the airport (pizza in Hawaii is pretty disappointing). I […]

The Beet Box Cafe {Haleiwa}

The Beet Box Cafe used to be a small counter where you could order food in the back of a health-food store, on the North Shore of Oahu (in the small, touristy town there called Haleiwa). I ordered an iced tea for while we waited for our food (you order at the counter, but they […]

September Yoga Schedule Update

This month I will be leaving the island of Oahu for a few days. I’m headed to Los Angeles TO SEE BEYONCÉ LIVE IN HER FORMATION WORLD TOUR! My friend Danelle and I have been obsessing over Lemonade for the past few months, and finally decided we needed to go see it performed live.   […]