Strange Food Saturday: Honolulu


When you were young, did you ever go to a science museum and see the astronaut food for sale in the gift shop? For some reason, I have a memory of that. Recently, I tried this product as an adult, and let me tell you, it was strange.

Strange food astronaut ice cream

I have no idea if this is actually what astronauts eat, no matter what the packaging might claim. I recognized the taste immediately: not ice cream, but Lucky Charms. It had the same dissatisfying, powdery texture, and the same taste.

FullSizeRender (2)

It tasted like weird, huge chunks of lucky charms, in faint chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t exactly bad either. I threw it away after a few bites, but maybe if I’d had cereal I could have broken it into little pieces and made my own Lucky Charms cereal.

What do you think? Have you tried this?

Strange Food Saturday: Japanese Candy

Strange Food Saturdays Final

There is an Asian supermarket in Honolulu… wait, no, there are many Asian super/markets in Honolulu. Today, I wanted to share the strange candy I found in Marukai Marketplace.


All of the strange flavors of familiar candy, like Oreo’s, get me really curious and excited at first. Then I realize it’s all artificial flavoring, which makes me sad.


There were cheesecake Kit-Kat, which sound… interesting.

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Strange Food Saturday: Seal Rocks

strange food saturday chips australia

These are chicken-flavored chips I found in a small convenience store, one of the only food providers around, in Seal Rocks, Australia.


Seal Rocks is a gorgeous, small coastal settlement about 170 miles north of Sydney. There are not many options for food, but in the one small store, there are many strange options in the chip department. Isn’t the “original” flavor of Doritos Nacho Cheese? Apparently not in Australia. Here it is “salted.” They also had “Roulette,” which means that every tenth or so chip there’s a spicy one (think shishito peppers).

FullSizeRender (2)

We opted for this strange flavor: Thai chilli lime.

FullSizeRender (3)

They were ok, not bad but I wouldn’t choose them again. They were good because honestly, aren’t all chips pretty tasty? At the end of the day, any flavor is still a deep-fried starch of some sort, which just plain tastes good. However, these were a tad too sweet for my taste.

Strange Food Saturday: Supermarkets

strange food saturday goldfish

I found this on Instagram (follow me @eyechow) and was horrified. I of course am guilty of trying novelty flavors and eating processed food now and then, but this just looks gross.

According to the Food Marketing Institute, the average number items carried in a supermarket in 2013 was 43,844. That is just unnecessary.

What do you think?

Strange Food Saturday: Honolulu


I came across this in a convenience store next to my yoga studio, when I went in to buy water. I had never seen it before and was amused by the packaging that read “IT’S FLUFFY.” It’s also processed and seems strange since I’ve never seen it before. Anyone tried it?

Strange Food Saturday: Miami

Strange Food Saturdays Final

One more guest post from my sister’s trip to Miami for Spring Break: 

Inca Kola

While in Miami on this past spring break we stopped on the last day for some Peruvian food. Seeing a strange drink on the menu I decided to give it a try. It was called Inca Cola. It turned out to taste like the bubble gum that you get for a quarter in a shopping mall from those round dispensers. I had the whole thing but I definitely think that’s enough for my whole life. The color was a little hard to get past as well – the brightest yellow ever! Suspect.

Strange Food Saturday: Tokyo

Strange Food Saturdays Finalstrange food saturday japanese curry

Here’s another strange food that my dad brought us from Tokyo, that we ate in Honolulu.


I learned (from WIkipedia) that  Matsusaka beef is wagyū, also known as Kuroge Washu or “Japanese Black.” The cattle comes from the Matsusaka region of Mie, Japan. It is one of the most famous beef types within Japan and internationally, with a high fat-to-meat ratio. Within Japan, Matsusaka beef is generally considered one of the three top brands, along with Kobe beef and Ōmi or Yonezawa beef. So even thought this stuff came in a box, which freaked me out, to be honest, it promised to be good.

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Strange Food Saturday: New York

Strange Food Saturdays FinalSFS trader joe's NYC

I was intrigued by these two savory granola bars I saw in Trader Joe’s in NYC in December: roasted jalapeño and honey smoked BBQ. I hate when you want a savory snack and all the bars available are sweet, so I think this is actually a good idea.

Thinking back on it, why didn’t I jut buy one of each? For only $3 total, it would have been worth it. Has anyone tried these two flavors?

Strange Food Saturday: Munich

This is something we found last fall, in the fridge of our Airbnb host: “salat mayonnaise.” I looked it up, and yes, “salat” means salad. So I guess this is mayo for your salad? Even if it’s intended to put straight …