Quote of the Day: Healing

Everybody talks about wanting to change things and help and fix, but ultimately all you can do is fix yourself. And that’s a lot. Because if you can fix yourself, it has a ripple effect. –Rob Reiner

Badass Women Making Music Videos

Today is the Women’s March, around the world! Whether or not you were able to make it, I wanted to share some female badassery. I’ve been posting music videos by some of my favorite women, on Facebook, since Thursday. It all started when my friend suggested we flood Facebook with the best Madonna music videos, for everyone who […]

The Women’s March on Washington is Happening All Around the World Tomorrow!

As you have probably already heard, there is a march planned for tomorrow (Saturday, January 21, 2017), in Washington, DC. Here is the official website of the march, but tandem events are organized across the world (yes, world!) in solidarity; search for one near you on Facebook, Eventbrite or Google. If you know all about it, […]

What’s Your McDonald’s?

Have you ever seen this standup bit by Jim Gaffigan, where he talks about McDonald’s? If not, watch it here (and if you have already seen it, why not watch it again? It’s hilarious): After joking about eating at McDonald’s, and the food served there, he says: “I know some of you guys are like, […]

First Friday: Cheers to 2017

by Lana Shaindlin This is a monthly column coinciding with First Fridays, a social art event that takes place in cities across America.    January is a time for resolutions! In the past I’ve done a lot of ones that really helped me out – one year I resolved to try new things as much […]

In Praise of Self-Care

I am not a fan, personally, of New Years’ Resolutions; instead, I believe that we all ought to try being the best version of ourselves possible, in each unique moment. But, if you do find NYR’s helpful in your life, then I have an idea for your 2017 #goals: self-care. I have been thinking a lot […]


Hey all, Are you realizing that you missed someone on your Christmas list? Maybe you’re just a good old-fashioned procrastinator. Maybe you weren’t going to get anyone a gift, but now that Christmas is around the corner, you’ve changed your mind. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself scraping for a holiday gift, here are […]